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Meet Walker Daebreona!

Daebreona is one of our Virginia natives. She was born and raised right here in our community and knows the area like the back of her hand! Deabreona has such a calming personality with animals. She loves to meet new animals and is exceptional with our feline friends, however she loves all types of different animals.

Deabreona just adopted her dog Chico from a Hampton Roads shelter. Chico is a senior Boxer Pitbull mix. He loves to meet new people and adores babies. He is friendly with all animals he meets and has a pretty calm personality to mirror her's. If you were to describe Deabreona, she is a friendly and open person. She a natural people person with a Go-Getter mentality. Deabreona is a hard worker and has been with Wagging Tails since the summer of 2021. Everyday is a new adventure!

In addition to her love of animals, she enjoys gardening. Connecting to the earth on another level and finding that inner peace in the moment is what it's all about. She grows many things in her garden and enjoys what each year brings. Cooking also brings her joy. Creating a meal

from the ingredients you have on hand or even grown in your own back yard is fun challenge for her! She is a brilliant chief, but she enjoys the company that her meals bring. Deabreona is a brilliant light in our community and within the Wagging Tails company. We are so pleased to have her!

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