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Happy Valentine's Day from Wagging Tails!

February is here and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! Don’t forget to get your FURR-ever friends the perfect gift. We love sharing new ways that you can entertain your pet or add spice to their life. Below is a list of super fun Valentine-themed gift ideas for your pets you can find locally in Williamsburg. 

-Spa Day

-Valentine’s Day Treats, Cookies, or Toys

-New Food Toppers or Mixers

-Play Date

-New Collar or Name Tag 

Spa Day

Just like how we love our spa days, so does your dog! Have you considered getting your dog groomed? A spa day for your pet would be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for both you and them. They will feel amazing afterward and you get to have a clean, nice-smelling pup. Here at Wagging Tails, we offer mobile grooming, so we come to you to make it even more convenient. We will clean your dog's ears, clip their nails, give them a bath and haircut, and more. Reach out to us if you are interested!

Valentine’s Day-themed Treats, Cookies, or Toys

From heart-shaped squeaky toys to dog/cat wine, you can find so many things locally in Williamsburg. Check out your local pet stores and see what themed treats and toys they have. We have seen all kinds of fun things as Valentine’s Day gets closer. Make sure to avoid rawhide since it is known to be bad for pets. You can find really fun alternatives such as No-Hides locally.

New Food Toppers or Mixers

Variety is the spice of life! You wouldn’t want to eat the same thing every day and neither does your pet. An easy way to elevate their meals is to get some fun toppers or mixers. A fun Valentine’s Day gift for your pets could be Freeze Dried Raw Nuggets, Bone Broth, or Pour Overs to add to their meals. The Nautical Dog is a great local place to find these items. The picture below is of their Valentine's Day setup.

Play Date

We love spending time with your pets while you are away. But what about socializing your pets while you are home? Try setting up a playdate for your pet, we all love having friends around. Maybe make it a group playdate so your friends and all your pets can hang out to have a fun Valentine’s Day.

New Collar or Name Tag

Get your fur baby ready for Valentine’s Day with an adorable themed collar. There is nothing like our PURR-fect loved ones sporting a new collar, name tag, bow, or bandana! A new one of these would be an amazing gift for your pet and would definitely get them tons of compliments. Tip: Your pups can get a new bandana with their groom through us 😉

Everyone at Wagging Tails hopes your Valentine's Day is filled with love and a little extra fur!

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