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Meet our Team

Our Team
Michelle Daikos

Michelle was raised in Virginia and she moved to DC to attend GWU Interior Design Program. She worked in the interior design field for over 20 years and did pet-sitting on the side. Michelle decided to go to dog grooming school.

She is a certified dog groomer and red cross pet first aid certified as well! She has been vegan for over 20 years and is an active animal rights activist. 

Catherine Law
Pet Sitter

Catherine Law has been with Wagging Tails since day one! She is one of our "power walkers." This lady is a true athlete with a big smile always shining. Catherine is the most requested walker due to her customer service skills.  She has a long list of regular walks she does m-f. Catherine adopted one of our client's dogs since that client was not able to take care of him anymore. Somehow she fits in her personal training clients in her day as well.  Catherine is all about the outdoors and fitness. She even is a member of a senior league softball team for WSSL. Catherine has 2 college-age boys and a husband that is an airline pilot.

Stevie Payson
Pet Sitter

Stevie was raised in Williamsburg and attended college in Florida to study Zoological Animal Technology. Stevie has worked for Busch Gardens as an Animal Care Specialist and the VA Living Museum. She has worked part-time for Wagging Tails for several years and continues with us.  Stevie has a passion for beagles. She has 2 of her own. She also has a one-eyed cat named Trapper. RESCUES OF COURSE! Stevie is not afraid of snakes. She has held a boa constrictor before. Most of our team is happy to pass snake clients on to Stevie.  

Leah Kelso
Pet Sitter

Leah has been with Wagging Tails since day one. She is a power walker Monday - Friday mid-day time only. Leah is a big dog lover as she has 5 dogs of her own! Leah has a knack for connecting with animals. They all love her.  

She is a mom of 2 college kids. Her son goes to JMU and works for Wagging Tails when he is home. Bryce always does a fantastic job for us. Her daughter is extremely busy competing in volleyball tournaments across the country.  Leah attends the tournaments on the weekends. If you have had Leah as a pet sitter and received one of her journals there is no doubt that you have noticed from her picture of your pet that she is a professional photographer. Her favorite food is chocolate!

Barbara Sutton
Pet Sitter

Barbara and her husband moved to Williamsburg from NC to live closer to her grandchildren. 

They enjoy attending their sporting events and helping with transportation to school, etc. Barbara's hobby is putting together puzzles.

She works for Wagging Tails part-time for extra retirement money.  She sticks to her few regular small dog walking clients that she does close to her home. 

Alicia Rochard
Pet Sitter

Alicia has been with Wagging Tails for a few years. She is a mom and married to a police officer.

Prior to Wagging Tails and her job as a fitness instructor, she was a nurse.  Alicia always does a fabulous job as she has a keen eye for detail.  She is great with dogs that are a challenge she seems to win them all over.  

Stephanie Endlish
Pet Sitter

Stephanie is originally from ohio and has been living in Williamsburg since 2019. She Studied Zoology and Video Production at The Ohio State University.  She currently works as an animal care specialist at Busch Gardens and works for Wagging Tails as a pet sitter.  In her spare time, she enjoys visiting the beach and taking walks in Colonial Williamsburg.  Stephanie owns a turtle named Hamilton.  Hamilton is featured on the company website.  She also rescued 2 cats from an owner that passed away. 

Emil Jones

Emily moved to Williamsburg from Georgia with her military husband.  Emily has 2 dogs and a kitten that was a stray that her husband brought home. Emily stays busy with her middle school teaching job and competing in weightlifting competitions. She helps out with our scheduling but does not have time to do pet sitting or dog walking.  

Nancy Carter
Pet Sitter

Nancy is originally from Maryland.  She attended W&M to study computer science. She went on to join the Navy. She is now retired and enjoys living in Williamsburg again.  Nancy and her husband are parents to three cats. She prefers cats but also enjoys walking small dogs. Her hobbies are bike riding and eating chocolate chip ice cream. 

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