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Happy New Year from Wagging Tails!

Are you debating your New Year’s resolutions? We are here to share some super fun ideas for both you and your pets!

Improve Your Pet's Diet

Have you ever read the ingredients in your pet’s food? Try swapping to a cleaner brand of pet food that is comparable in price to your current one, but it has better ingredients! There are tons of pet foods on the market that have bad ingredients such as meat meals, byproducts, corn, dyes, etc. 

Mix Up Your Pet's Bowl

Try adding water, goat milk, bone broth, or fresh meat/fruit/vegetables to their meals. Crack an egg in their bowl and throw in the shell. Maybe grab some freeze-dried raw meal mixers or topper dust to spice it up! You wouldn't want to eat the same thing every day, and your pet doesn't want to either.

Consider Getting A Groom

Has your pet had a groom with Wagging Tails yet? Consider booking a groom with us so we can pamper your pet! Regular baths, nail trims, and ear cleanings help maintain a healthy, clean, and good-smelling companion. It can also aid in preventing skin irritations and matting.

Get More Exercise

Exercise is great for everyone! Attempt to go on daily walks with your pet to help maintain a healthy weight and provide even more enrichment through all the sights and smells. Going on a hike would be fun too. Maybe visit the local dog park with your dog and let them play while making new friends. Williamsburg has amazing dog parks. This also helps you spend more personal time with your pet. If you aren't able to go on daily walks with your pet, consider hiring Wagging Tails for all your pet needs including walks!

Commit To More Training

Try teaching your pet basic commands, and if that goes well move on to some fun ones! Training aids in having healthy communication with your pet and can prevent bad banners or attitudes.

Prioritize Dental Care

Fish skin treats, frozen raw bones, and a raw-fed diet are all great for maintaining your dog’s dental care. Consider brushing their teeth, or if your pet won’t allow that, add in a supplement such as PlaqueOff to help maintain their dental care daily.

Try A Different Form of Flea/Tick Preventative

Did you know that even if your pet takes a monthly pill, fleas and ticks can still bite your pet possibly passing on diseases? Even worse, many of these pills have seizure warnings. Tickless is an amazing alternative to the pills since it prevents fleas, ticks, and mosquitos from ever biting your pet by using an ultrasonic sound. Alternatively, maybe try a flea collar or topical solution.

Get A More Engaging Toy

Our pets are so smart. Sometimes we need more engaging and enriching toys to keep them entertained. Enrichment is shown to prevent or reduce boredom, unwanted behaviors, and stress through providing mental and physical stimulation. Try lick mats, puzzles, or snuffle mats to keep your dog entertained and using their brain.

Brake for Wildlife

Here at Wagging Tails, we believe all animals matter including wildlife! Next time you see a squirrel or other wildlife running across the road, attempt to brake and show kindness.

Leave Cat or Dog TV On For Your Pet

Did you know they make special videos to keep your pets entertained? Next time you leave your pet try turning on cat or dog TV for them. It is a super easy and fun way to keep them entertained when you leave home.

These resolutions are small, convenient ways to make your pets healthier and happier. When our furry loved ones are happier, so are we!

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