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Celebrating Saint Patrick's Day With Your Pets

Are you curious how your pet can gain some of the luck of the Irish? Below we go over simple, festive ways to include your pet in all the holiday fun this weekend.

Green Apparel

A fun way to get your pets into the festive spirit is to spice up their wardrobe. Try getting a new collar, bandana, bow, or hat. If you are feeling extra festive you can even get all of them! They are available pretty much anywhere with endless designs for everyone. Don't forget to check out your locally-owned pet stores for the best goodies.

Color your dog

Have you ever dyed your pets? There are many playful designs that you can create using pet-safe dye on lighter-furred pets to show some Irish spirit. Try a rainbow, a pot of gold, or a four-leaf clover! If those sound too intimidating you could even go for a splash of green wherever you think would be enjoyable.

Dog or Cat Beer

Beer isn’t just for humans! Of course, the one made for animals doesn’t have alcohol and is made from ingredients safe for your favorite drinking buddy. So if you plan on staying home this weekend to watch the Saint Patrick’s Day parade on TV then you and your pet can crack open a cold one and relax.

Trace Their Irish Roots

There are 9 dog breeds native to Ireland. Are you curious if your pet has one of them? Take a dog DNA test to find out. This is fun to do any time of the year since this would reveal general personality and physical traits your dog might have gotten from the different breeds. It will also inform you if your dog is prone to genetic conditions. It is as easy as buying the kit, swabbing your dog's cheek, then sending it back.

Everyone from Wagging Tails sincerely hopes you have a wonderful Saint Patrick's Day weekend and don't forget to reach out to us for all your pet needs!

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