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Happy Wagging Wednesday!

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Meet October's Wagging Tails Wednesday client highlight, Woody!

Woody Dog

Woody is a 6 year old yellow lab who is the happiest pup! He has such a charismatic personality that will keep you chucking that ball and leave him coming back for more. Woody was not born with a love for the game of fetch, but once his human, Randy threw his first ball, it was love at first toss. Woody's favorite form of fetch (yes there is more than one way to play fetch) is with his ChuckIt ball thrower. There is just something about that blue stick that holds the ball just perfectly for it to fly what seems like miles away when thrown properly. Woody could spend hours playing the time old game of fetch, but when Randy starts to loose feeling in his arm, He is forced to choose his second most favorite thing, napping. Woody loves to nap. It could be out in the yard next to his ball, catching some sun, or in the living room sharing the couch with his humans. However his favorite place to sleep is in his humans bed. specifically on his mom's side of the bed. He tried his dad's side but it was too hard. He tried the fluffed up pillow his humans call "his bed" on the floor, but that was too soft. His mom's side of the bed is just right every time! You could call him Woody-locks with his golden fur and fast asleep on the perfect bed.

Woody is described as sweet, playful, energetic, and a bit goofy. He is like the popular kid at school who always makes you laugh, but may not be a straight A student. Speaking of school, Woody failed obedience school twice. Hey, we get it school is hard and when you just want to play fetch and love everyone sometimes it can be down right impossible. He may not be the star of obedience school, but he is the star of his family! He is the best big fur brother any kid could ask for. Woody has helped his mom and dad raise his little human brother Tommy, and to say they are best friends is an understatement. When you have a tiny human who can be a bit messy, it is your job to help them clean up!

All in all Woody is just such a delight. He always keeps our Wagging Tails team smiling. He has a way about him that just lifts your spirits up with that sparkling smile and loving personality. Thank you so much for choosing us at Wagging Tails to love Mr. Woody as if he were our own pup! #WaggingTailsWednsesday #GoodDog #ChuckIt

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Michelle Madison
Michelle Madison
Nov 13, 2021

Woody is such a friendly and playful dog

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