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Meet Walker Welby

Happy Monday everyone, It is that time again for another meet the walker post. Today we have Welby Fairlie, an amazing full of life walker who is always smiling and so very happy to meet each and every pet she visits. She says petsitting is like paid pet therapy! Welby has been with Wagging Tails since the fall of 2021, however she has been a client of ours for so much longer. 8 years she has been with us! Before coming to petsit for us, she worked as a TV news photographer in addition to working with exchange students, which she has been doing for 22 years! Welby helps place students from all over the world with local families to help give those students a wonderful opportunity.

Welby is originally from Richmond but when she met her husband, who is from Scotland and living here in Williamsburg, she made the move. It was our good luck too! After caring for her amazing crew of animals, she found her home with us!

Welby has such a passion for life. She has 4 cats, a dog, and a turtle who are all rescues. Oreo is her youngest Kitty who loves to travel with them when they go although she does enjoy knocking things off the counter and see them fall. Barley is the snuggly one and Skittles thrives for attention. Booboo is the outdoor kitty also loves to be catered to indoors as well, and Schroeder is her handsome pup who loves everyone. Lastly is Shell the Africa Sideneck turtle who despite hanging out in her tank all day is higher maintenance than anticipated but worth every minute.

In addition to being a pet mom, Welby is also a mother to her two Children who are not children any more at 19 and 14. They have always had animals growing up that they are very comfortable with all animals.

Like so many of us at Wagging Tails, Welby also finds so much solace in physical activity. She has completed Spartan Races and Tough mudders. She loves Obstacle course races so much that she has an entire wall in her home dedicated to all the medals and race bibs!

We are so blessed to have such a bright ray of sunshine on our team of petsitter. Thank you so much Welby for all you do!

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