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Happy 4th of July from Wagging Tails!

While we celebrate the Declaration of Independence, we want all our family members to have a happy and safe night, including our furry ones. Here in Williamsburg, we hear tons of fireworks! We will be going over various ways to keep your pets calm and safe during these times. Please be aware many pets are lost the night of July 4th because they get scared and escape their homes. At Wagging Tails we love to share any information we find so that our clients are aware and can take preventative measures!


CBD is a great starting point for dogs and cats with anxiety. It calms them down and you can tailor the dose to your pet's needs without worrying about overdosing. Locally you can find CBD at The Nautical Dog, or you can order it online depending on your preference.


Spend all day letting your pets run around, play, and drain their energy. This will make them tired when it is time for everyone to start fireworks or parties that night and the animals will be less likely to freak out.

Loud TV or Music

Play your TV or music loud during the fireworks! This helps drown out the noise so they won’t hear it and will not be as scared. Remember, our pets have way better hearing than us so even if we can’t hear the fireworks, they probably can.

Make Sure They Are In A Safe Room

We hear many stories of cats or dogs breaking through the screens of windows, running out the door when someone is entering or leaving, etc. Making sure your pet is in a safe room with closed windows and doors with low traffic in and out, in addition to the measures mentioned above, will help ensure your pet has a safe 4th of July everyone else can enjoy too!

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