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Meet Walker Cat!

Hello and happy Monday! Today I would like to introduce you to Catherine "Cat" Law. Cat has been with Wagging Tails since it was founded in 2014! She has always been a lover of fitness, outdoors, and of course animals. Cat, her husband, and two sons moved to Williamsburg in 2011 from Holloman Airforce Base. They loved it here so much that after 20 years of military life they settled their family down to stay!

Cat, as I said above has always enjoyed physical fitness. That includes hiking with her family, playing soccer with her boys, and even Crossfit. If you have not guessed yet by reading about some of our previous walkers, we have many Crossfit enthusists, and we all have Cat in common. Thanks to her many of us found our home with Wagging Tails after meeting Cat!

Cat has a wonder vivacious personality that leaves you smiling and feeling so good. She is a wonderful asset to our team, and it is almost like walking dogs and loving on all animals was a job created with her in mind! In fact if you were to ask her what her favorite part about being a Wagging Tails team member is, she would tell you it is getting to meet so many sweet and loving animals.

Cat is such a devoted animal lover, that when a client of many years, who became physically

unable to care for their dog any longer, jumped up and adopted him! Sweet Brady, an 8 year old hound mix who was a regular client of hers, has now become her permeant walking buddy when she is off duty. He loves to walk and be outdoors almost as much as she does in addition to his cuddle time! He is a playful silly boy who will toss his toys in the air for himself to catch.

We are truly blessed to have such a loyal and hard-working member as part of our team, Thank you so much Cat for all you do!

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