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Meet the Walker Monday!

Happy Monday and Happy President's Day! Today we are starting off with another wonderful meet the walker segment.

Today's walker is Alex Saless! Alex is originally form Bonn Germany, but has been happily settled here since 2007 with her husband and two adventurous kids (9 & 10). If you get to meet Alex you will notice her happy contagious smile! Alex is an easygoing happy go lucky type of person. She loves to be outdoors on hikes, going for runs, and even horse back riding.

She actually has two horses of her own! Cher and Oakley love to keep her company on trail rides and even just hanging around in the back yard farm. In addition to her majestic horses, Alex has two busy barn kitties who seem to always be competing for the best barn cat award. Libby and Mr. Noodle work hard at keeping the pests at bay and making sure all the sun get soaked up!

Alex started with Wagging Tails in the early fall of 2021 and loves every minute of her time

with our WT clients! "I love being outdoors and with animals, so this is really the perfect job for me."

Alex is a woman of many talents. Living on a farm you really have to keep your strength about you. In doing so, she enjoys CrossFit and is a part of a wonderful gym along with a few of our other walkers! Walkers who workout together stay together right? Alex also enjoys photography and has a wonderful talent for it as well!

Living in the Toano area, Alex not only has a beautiful farm style home, she also services our Toano clients! If you did not know, yes! Wagging Tails has amazing walkers that can help with all of your pets needs including horses, all farm animals, and so much more! We service the greater Williamsburg area to include Toano, Croaker, and Norge!

Thank you Alex, for being such a vital part of our Wagging Tails team and always bringing happiness wherever you go!

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