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Meet our Walker Emily

Happy Monday and welcome to our first Meet the Walker Monday! Though we do more than walk, Walker is what we call our staff members. Our first Walker is Emily Jones. She does so much more than just walk our canine friends. In addition to taking care of so many of our furry friends, Emily is also our logistics manager. That means when you need someone to care for your pets, she is the one to make sure a Walker is there for you. Emily is also often one of the first people from our team to greet you when you are starting out with us. She will help walk you through how to set up your Wagging Tails account and explain all the benefits we offer.

After graduating from Georgia South University with a masters of science and a degree in heath and physical education, she married her now husband and they moved from Georgia to Williamsburg, Virginia. The Coast Guard brought them here and they soon started to put down roots. Emily fell in love with teaching when she was in college and is now the physical education teacher for James Blair and Toano Middle School.

She and her husband both share a love for physical fitness and found a family away from family in their local gym. Cross-fit provided a wonderful outlet for life's daily stressors as well goal building habits.

Emily developed a love for animals from and early age. Growing up in Georgia, her family always had a few dogs and today she and her husband have 2, Jax ( a husky) and Ella (a pitbull mix). Though she planned to only work summers, she quickly fell in love with all of the sweet pets she cares for. Emily is a wonderful asset to our team. She goes above and beyond to ensure your pets get the ultimate care. Thank you Emily for all that you do!

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