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Updated: Feb 5, 2023

In the 10 years we have been servicing pets in Williamsburg we have seen a lot of critical issues with invisible fences. We have even seen clients taken to court by their neighbors from their dogs escaping the invisible fence and attacking the neighbor's dog. We also have walked clients' dogs and non-client dogs bolting through the invisible fence into the street putting us and our fur clients in precarious situations. None the less a huge liability and danger for all involved. The bottom line invisible fences are just that... invisible

Problem 1: Invisible Fences do Not Actually Secure Dogs

No matter how high the shock setting is on an invisible fence system, it only lasts for a few seconds. Many dogs will learn to take the shock if there’s something they want badly enough on the other side. Passing cars, passing dogs, cats, squirrels, kids on bikes, and delivery people can all excite the average dog so much that he completely forgets, or simply ignores, the warning beep from his collar. If the wire is broken by landscaping, the fence will also fail. Therefore, invisible fences aren’t just bad for behavior; they’re also ineffective.

Problem 2: Electric Shocks Can Induce Fear, Anxiety, and Aggression

Think about how you would feel if you received random shocks every time you accidentally step over a border you can’t see. You would probably become very paranoid, worried, and anxious. That anxiety leads many dogs to become aggressive; to urinate indoors; to lose fur prematurely; or to develop a number of other stress reactions. Some dogs connect the pain they experience with a person walking by, and subsequently come to fear and hate strangers.

Problem: The Shock Collar can Malfunction or Cause Injuries

Shock collars run on batteries, which will eventually run out. This wouldn’t be an issue, except for the fact that most pet owners generally find out the batteries have run out when they notice their dog is missing. Secondly, the collar delivers the shock through two prongs which need to be in direct contact with the skin. The prongs have been known to cause nasty wounds and infections, especially for long hair breeds.

Need to Secure your Dog? Choose a Wooden, Aluminum or Vinyl Fence

The best way to secure a big dog is by installing a REAL, physical fence around your property. A real physical fence will provide increased security; privacy from your neighbors; blocking smells and sounds from your yard; and increasing your property value.

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