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Harry and Arthur

Happy Wagging Wednesday! On one Wednesday out of each month, we will be highlighting some of our furry friends that we get the pleasure of seeing here at the Wagging Tails. Today I would like to introduce you to Harry and Arthur.

Arthur (10) is an English Setter and only senior to Harry (9), who is a Brittney Spainel, by 7 months. When looking at the two, however you might assume Arthur is much older as he has this wise almost professor look to him. With his black, gray, and white coloring and wavy wild hair on the top of his head, he almost looks like Albert Eeinstine! In fact many of us at the WT have told him just that. Arthur is a particular guy. He LOVES his walks. He will often tell you how much he wants a walk by "talking" to you and circling around his leash. Many times he won't even go outside to potty when you get there in protest of a walk instead.

Arthur is also picky about his food,

though sometimes its almost like he understands he can get a little extra in his bowl if he "refuses" to eat. There has been a time when he was hand fed with a spoon because he was on a food strike. Often a little bit of tuna in his bowl will get his mouth watering and he will eat like the champion he is.

Harry is a special guy all on his own. Though he is the baby he sometimes takes a domniate role in some of their life aspects. For instantce, when walking, Harry does not care if Arthur's head is in the way. When he has to go, he has to go! But don't get me wrong, Harry is a lover. He quite enjoys a good lap and snuggle time only when he is finished patroling the yard. Harry takes that job very seriously. No deer or squirel is going to get even a taste of his parents amazing garden when he is on the job. Harry would probably be just as happy running laps around his large back yard as he is walking. But of course who is going to make sure Arthur doesn't get in any trouble or really get more love than him?

Harry is a master at finishing his food in lighting speed too. He is happy with whatever you give him and he is happy to finish what his brother does not. Harry can not take a bad photo. Tounge out, eye winking, smiling big, running full speed, this guy is just a puppy model. When he is finished with his day job, Harry's favorite place to nap away the day is on the floor of the half bathroom less than 10 feet away from the fluffy soft and plush bed his mom and dad bought him. I guess he likes a hard bed?

We are so happy to have these guys with us at the Wagging Tails! Thank you Tom and Jean for being with us since the start we love your boys like they are family!

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Wonderful write up on two adorable pups! We love Arthur and Harry too. :)


Thank you, Michelle! We love Wagging Tails!!

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