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Happy Holidays from Wagging Tails!

Happy December everyone! It’s officially time to start Christmas shopping if you haven’t yet, and don’t forget to put something in a stocking or under the tree for your pets. Local pet stores such as The Nautical Dog, PetSmart, and Petco all have amazing options for your furry loved ones.

As a friendly reminder, rawhide and non-raw bones are not good or healthy for pets. They are known to cause issues so please avoid them. There are a lot of things sold during the holidays that aren't the best for your pets so please shop with caution and always check the ingredients when buying something new.

Below are charts for dogs and cats to help make your holiday shopping for pets a little easier. We tried to make a list of all the fun, creative things you can get for your dogs and cats during the holidays. From Christmas-themed toys and treats to spicing up your pet's breakfast and dinner with some toppers, we made sure to include it all!

We hope these guides can help you in your shopping adventures, and the Wagging Tails team wishes you A Very Merry Christmas!

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